Townie Art Activity Zone

The 2020 Art Activity Zone

presented by:


2019 Hosting organizations:

Ann Arbor Art Center:


Easy, Breezy Summertime Pinwheels

Come make a simple pinwheel that you can use in the summer breeze


Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra:


Instrument Petting Zoo

Hands-on fun with instruments! Trained “zookeepers” will guide youngsters (and their grownups!) on how to bow a violin, pluck a cello, buzz a trumpet and blow a flute.  Learn how vibrations become sound, and sound becomes music.


The Potters Guild:


Clay Creations

Experiment with clay and build anything you dream while experienced instructors help you through the creative process. Clay donated by Rovin Ceramics.


Dr. Susan Gelman’s Conceptual Development Lab at the University of Michigan:


Paper Fish

Think underwater as you dive into the depths of making paper fish.  These intriguing creatures can be yours to hang after creation.


Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum:


Salad Spinner Art!

Use centrifugal forces to create your own, one-of-a-kind design. Join us as we make spinning rainbows of color and learn about force, motion, and color theory. 


Community Day Care Center & the Scrap Box


Crazy Cool Paper Hats
Make a one-of-a-kind paper bag hat to wear and enjoy at the Townie Party. Customize your hat with goodies such as ribbons, fake flowers, colored paper, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Leslie Science and Nature Center:

The World of Wildlife

Learn how creatures great and small survive and thrive in Michigan and beyond. Meet live animals up close, examine different wildlife specimens, and make your own wild creations by creating owl masks and sweet pea crowns. 


Kelsey Museum of Archaeology:


Egyptian Fans

Almost 100 years ago, archaeologists from the University of Michigan discovered fascinating fans. Woven from palm fiber, these fans were created with different patterns to both look cool and stay cool! Weave and decorate your own fantastic fan with paper and use it during the Art Fair!


Recycle Ann Arbor:

Recycled Craft with Recycle Ann Arbor and the Scrap Box